How to wrap twins | The LBO Maxi

Do you have two bubs who have great neck and back control and are too big or wiggly to comfortably fit in The LBO mini? Then this is the wrap for you!

Suited to all wrapping skill levels, it will take a little practice but you’ll be carrying your toddlers securely within 2 minutes. (For me, its quicker than getting the pram out of the car and both babies strapped in!)

I use this for preschool drop off of their older sister and it is FABULOUS to have the freedom of two free hands and the ability to go up and down stairs and through gates with ease. So here it is! Our 4 minute video explains a couple of things or you can skip straight to the middle to see how I wrap them up.

The LBO Maxi (hip carry with security knot)

– from solid head & back strength to 1 year old+

– beginner friendly!

– security knot used mid-wrap for safety and ease of wrapping

– great for dropping off older children at school

– wrapping style spreads weight through shoulders and hips making it super comfy

– IMPORTANT: ensure you can always see bubs airways are clear and they are close enough to kiss

Wrap used: Size 5 TULA woven “Lorelei Anthias” (limited edition print)

Would LOVE to see your little ones all wrapped up in the comments! Happy wrapping!

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