I am a stay at home mum and Early Childhood Teacher who writes this blog because of my love of the early years. It started out as a hobby and a way to share my experiences with families all over the world! Over time, and many hours of lovingly building up my site, I became aware of affiliate programs where both myself and my readers could benefit.

I want to be very transparent about how this works as SOME links on my site are attached to my affiliate program. So, for example, if I want to write about wrapping my babies, I do it! In this instance, I received SO MANY questions about the type of wrap I used and where my readers could buy it. Affiliate programs allow me to add a link (that I choose!) within the post which directs my readers to a shop that sells woven wraps. My readers pay EXACTLY THE SAME price as someone going to this store through searching Google, but because they used my link the company offers me a small commission. Think of it as a “my friend sent you” bonus. Sometimes I also get to offer you guys links to awesome discounts!

Now when I say small, I really mean it! Most brands offer around 5%. And when I say “most brands” I mean the small number of brands that I have added to my program. I want to be very clear and assure all you wonderful people that I ONLY post links to products that we use ourselves and that we have purchased like any regular customer. I DO NOT create content as a money making strategy. This site will always remain a place for my love of the early years and sharing only useful information at it’s heart. So if I don’t love and recommend something, you wont see it on this site.

Please be aware while scrolling through Little But Once, on the site/Facebook/Instagram, that any external link could be a part of this system (but most of the time they aren’t) This way, I can keep doing what I love and buy my daughters a babycino every now and then with any commissions that come through, thanks to you!

Please feel free to contact me for any more clarification on this. You can comment here or email me at littlebutonce@gmail.com