Kids’ fringe hack

I’ll be the first to say that I have given my children m a n y dodgy hair cuts. Wonky fringes are my worst offence! In fact, after one particularly heinous cut the night before preschool photos, my husband practically banned me from picking up the scissors again. (In his defence, I did leave our poor daughter looking like Lord Farquaad).

However. After a couple of trips to the hairdresser I calculated the monthly costs of paying someone else to cut the fast growing hair of 4 children. I immediately went back to the drawing board. I can now quickly cut straight fringes on even the wiggliest of children. Check out my fringe hack in the short video below.

We bought the clips from IKEA and we generally use them to clip packets closed to keep them fresh. I’ve seen the same type of clip available at Kmart and dollar stores too.

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Happy snipping!

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