Modibodi review – the Mum test

When I first tried Modibodi I was 8 months pregnant, tired, sore and busy. So why would someone with no period coming in the near future worry about period undies? Well, firstly, my body wasn’t comfortably squeezing into my usual clothes, undergarments or anything else for that matter. Secondly, being pregnant is like being on a spin the wheel lottery show… what on earth is my body going to do today? Perhaps a small bleed. Or my waters might break (a.k.a leak in most cases). Or the ever present danger of sneezing before you’re “ready” for it. My previous pregnancy was twins where I had stretched my body and old undies to breaking point. I needed a backup plan.

It had been slowly dawning on my that my usual go-to of pantyliners were not a great option. Not for my wallet and certainly not for the environment. Apart from the plastic used to ensure liners don’t leak, they are individually wrapped in more plastic AND the packet they come in is…well, you get the idea. In terms of cost, I’ve done some quick maths in the infographic below; (and p.s. it doesn’t include the cost of regular undies, painkillers, pregnancy related expenses nor anything else that goes along with being a woman…they’re extra!) So with all that in mind, I ordered two pairs of ModiBodi undies and gave them a fair go.

Endless expenses

Modibodi undies: pros and cons

WARNING: I’m going to be talking about normal functions of the female body

I bought two different pairs to try (both light-moderate absorbency option) and was excited to give them a try. Keep in mind that I used the undies in my last month of pregnancy and to manage postpartum bleeding alone AFTER the first two weeks (for the early days I also used a cloth/pad paired with ModiBodi as I didn’t buy the heavy absorbency pairs). Instead of going through and writing this like it’s a book about underpants, I’ll just list the pros and cons.

ModiBodi undies


  • extremely comfortable. Like, where-have-you-been-all-my-life comfortable.
  • great coverage and no riding up or wedgie moments
  • keeps you dry. No unpleasant ‘moist’ feeling! (sorry people, just keeping it real)
  • not bulky or obvious
  • no leaking, no wetness, no problems
  • easy to wash when using to replace a liner (just throw in on a normal cycle without rinsing)
  • great for when it is hot or when I did any exercise, absorbs sweat too!
  • long wear times which meant I stayed comfy throughout my day


  • takes a little while to relax and to stop worrying that you’re going to have a leak, I felt like my 14 year old self learning how to operate a pad.
  • can’t be put in the dryer (seriously, don’t put them in the dryer! One pair went on an accidental adventure in there and came out noticeably thinner and covered in fluff)
  • since the gusset is black it is more difficult to tell what you are ‘dealing with’ vs a bright white pad
  • logistics of washing them when used to replace a pad/tampon took some adjusting. You need to rinse before washing when dealing with blood. Since I change dirty poo nappies all day this was not a big deal and I would often just rinse as I got into the shower. I then had their own small tub in the laundry where they would wait to go through a full wash.
  • takes slightly longer than the rest of the washing to line dry, which makes sense since they are made to store moisture

The Verdict

Suffice to say that after I tested my trial pairs for a few days I went back to purchase a 7 pack and started using them as my regular undies. I really, really love this product. I’ve had 4 children in 4 years, including full term twins. Although I’m working with an amazing womens’ physio; pregnancy and childbirth take a toll on your body. Modibodi undies have been amazing for this awkward postpartum period. I’m confident that I’m going to stay dry and comfortable throughout the day and also that I’ll be prepared at any time when my period returns. I ALREADY pack a boat load of supplies to get the kids out of the house. These undies mean I no longer have to add sanitary products to the list. Speaking of lists, the initial spend on Modibodi is a one off investment. I’m also no longer paying through the nose on a regular basis for panty liners, pads or anything else related to being a woman.


I highly recommend Modibodi undies to mums, or really anyone who is looking for an alternative to pads. I have personally encouraged family members to try them for themselves and have had similar feedback. One of these ladies pairs her new ModiBodi’s with a moon cup during heavy periods as she was accustomed to tampons prior to switching. So what do you think? If you want to try them out for yourself Modibodi had a trial offer running at the time of writing this post. Let me know what you think!

Find the ModiBodi website here to try them for yourself.

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