How to get rid of cradle cap

Babies have the best skin, right? That is until milk rash and cradle cap pop up all over your new bub. Our oldest has eczema and extremely sensitive skin (see my post on how we manage her eczema here) so I need a cradle cap treatment that is gentle, but still effective. For us, that is coconut oil.

So, what IS cradle cap?

Cradle cap generally occurs when bubs’ skin produces too much oil, a very common side effect thought to be caused by mums hormones wearing off after baby is born. This oil then traps dead skin cells, preventing them from shedding off and causing crusty scales. Cradle cap is not a cause for concern and should eventually go away on its own. It does however pose an infection risk if the skin below cracks. If you aren’t sure whether a rash is cradle cap you should always have it checked by a medical professional to rule out more serious conditions.

Treating cradle cap scales

Check out the video below to see how to gently remove cradle cap scales and moisturise bubs’ skin.

Please keep in mind that coconut, like anything, is a potential allergen. Patch test any new substance on bub before use.

Did this work for you? What do you use to get rid of cradle cap? Leave your comments below.

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