How to wrap twins | Baby wearing demo: The LBO Mini and Maxi

Two babies, two hands. That works, right? Well, it does, if you’re not planning on doing anything else. At all. Ever. With a toddler booked in to no-stroller-zone activities and newborn twins, I needed an alternative. Pronto. The solution? Wrapping.

I trawled the web. Searched through baby wearing groups, YouTube videos and wrap blogs to find the easiest, most comfortable wrapping technique for twins. I borrowed slings, wraps and carriers giving them all a trial run in the various ways I had researched.

In the end, using a single woven wrap I found a comfortable, easy to learn and secure way to carry two babies with two hands free. And as they got older I transitioned to a hip carry that was just as easy.

Hopefully this will cut out all the research time for you, as I’ve gone through it already! So which one suits you? The mini (newborn+) or the maxi (bubs with strong backs and necks+)?


The LBO MiniThe LBO Maxi








Click the pics for our easy and quick how-to guides or click

here for the LBO mini

and here for the LBO maxi

Would love to see your pics in the comments. Happy wrapping!



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