Eden Gardens | Macquarie Park

When choosing somewhere to go, we always consider whether the destination has enough incentive to unload a monster stroller, bags and 3 kids under 3 out of the car. Eden Gardens ticks that box. Cafe. Plant nursery. Gardens. Playground. Art displays. Boardwalk. Park once, unload once!

Eden Gardens

Food and drink

The Dragonfly Cafe is on the pricey side but it delivers. Delicious food, undercover, lots of space for strollers and big groups, plus a great view! The inside seating area is beautifully decorated, described as a “menagerie of orchids and birds, fountains and ferns.”

The gardens

When you head off to explore, you’ll find the gardens have something to appeal to all ages, from babies to grandparents. Our babies loved the views from the boardwalk, while warm and snug in the pram. And our toddler couldn’t get enough of all the secret pathways and beautifully planted gardens, with quirky features hidden around each bend. We saw big bunches of bananas and mangoes growing, water features, art pieces, flowers galore, climbing vines and tunnels. Don’t forget to climb the tower at the end of the boardwalk to get a spectacular view from the top.


If you don’t have time to navigate the gardens, or your kids are keen for a play, there is a fenced, insect themed playground right next to the café with ramp access. It has a built in slide, giant play beehive, obstacles and lots and lots of sand.


Various special events and art exhibits make Eden Gardens their temporary home. You can check out their website for more details here. There are also various areas of the gardens, inside and out, that are available for function hire. Catering options too.


On your way in (or out) there is a stunning nursery decor shop and plants galore available outside with plenty of knowledgeable staff. To top it all off, if you skip the coffee and plant purchases it’s all completely free. Eden Gardens is a staple for our family and never disappoints.

Where is Eden Gardens?

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