DIY Flower Crown

img_8067You don’t need to be royalty (or a florist for that matter) to crown yourself or your little one with flowers! With a few cheap and handy supplies from eBay or the flower market you could be wearing beautiful blooms in no time. 5 steps in fact! This is a particularly fun activity for a group of parents at a party or something to work on with your little model.

You will need:

  • Florists tape (this stuff is awesome for more than just flower craft!)
  • Florists wire (we used 22 gauge)
  • Secateurs/large scissors
  • Flowers
  • Foliage/leavesFlower crown materials

1. Measure the crown size


Use the floral wire to make a circle that fits nicely on your childs head. A handy way to measure is to hold the front of the crown to their forehead and making sure the back slips down over their head towards the nape of the neck. If you need to estimate, you can leave one section not joined to pull tighter later on.

Make sure you twist the wire back on itself to form a V on each side before you join. If you simply twist the wire it may not be secure. For a more sturdy crown, use thicker wire or wrap another layer of wire over the original circle. If you plan on using lots of flowers and foliage the crown will bulk itself up as you make it.

2. Choose your feature

Sometimes, less is more. And if you’re working with natures masterpieces a few go a long way. Pick out some of your favourite flowers and get ready to wire up!

To keep the flowers from falling off and allow you to easily position them, take a piece of wire, cut it to about 10cm long and bend the last 5mm into a small hook (a tiny v). Carefully pierce the straight end through the middle of the flower and gently push it straight through. Pull lightly on the straight end until the tiny ‘v’ lodges in the flower. Finish off by wrapping the wire around the stem and cutting the flower stem and wire down to about 5-7cm.  Do this for all the big or delicate pieces you want to use.

3. Bunch it up

Position your favourites around the front or side of the crown and place some leaves and foliage between them. Using this as a guide, start wrapping small bunches together using the florists tape. Once your first bunch is wrapped, attach it to the crown with tape.

FLORIST TAPE TIP: To activate the wax you need to firmly stretch the tape as you wrap. The magic of florists tape is that it only sticks to itself and doesn’t mind getting wet.

4. Choose your direction

To make a crown that has a clear “front”, your little bunches should all be facing the forehead section. You can blend the join by using foliage and leaves rather than flowers for the first bunch in the direction change.

For a crown with equal decoration and no distinct “feature” or “front”, you can have all your bunches following each other in a circle.

5. Finish it

For crowns with a feature, cross two bunches facing away from each other over the last bit of exposed wire. You can cover this with ribbon of your choice. To make a quick job of this with long foliage you can use wire to position the strands.

For circular crowns you will just need to tuck the final bunch under and carefully wire or tape it down to hide the join.

Voila, you’re all done! Crown your little model as king or queen of the flowers.



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