Laundry cupboard hack

Ok, it’s not a folding fairy like we had all hoped. But this hack means you can put a load of washing on in a few seconds flat. No sorting, no piles on the floor and definitely no sawdust encrusted work clothes mingling with your lovely, soft, baby onesies.

You don’t need the exact cupboard in the clip, or even the same baskets. You can customise this hack to suit you and your family. Check out the 1 min video and the tips below.

Don’t forget:

  • You can customise the categories to suit your family. No tradie husband coming home covered in god-knows-what? Get rid of that section.
  • The folded towels in the video, they’re clean! It’s our towel and facewasher storage system too.
  • If you don’t have space for a dedicated cupboard you can use baskets and a few shelves, or a square box unit similar to the IKEA KALLAX.
  • Yes, this method does need your family to pitch in for about 5.2 seconds each per day. If that doesn’t sound promising, how does a “not in the basket, not in the wash” policy sound?
  • If you don’t sort your laundry before washing, this hack isn’t for you. If you like your whites bright and baby items separate from builders clothes, give it a go!
  • From someone who USED TO pull all the clothes out of the basket, sort into piles on the floor and then (more often than not) return some of the washing to the basket… this works! It saves time. It saves mess. It makes the thought of putting a load on more appealing because now it’s a 1 minute job.

Once you’ve finished with the laundry, check out our baby and kids clothes hack for keeping wardrobes organised and correctly sized here.

Do you have any washing tips or hacks to share with us?

Happy washing! (if that’s even a thing…)

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