Father’s Day Poem

img_6953If you’re after some inspiration for a home made card or some words to accompany a special hand-print, we’ve got you covered.

Build the poem using the first and last verse then pick and mix the middle verses to suit your family.

Opening verse

This is my hand, so very small,
That you and mummy made.
You saw it on my ultrasound,
You hold it when we play.

Pick and mix the middle verses

You kissed it and you smiled at me,
The day we met each other.
This hand will hold hands not yet made.
My sisters and my brothers.

This hand will learn to throw a ball,
To play, to swim, to draw. 
Will turn the pages when I read,
Will write, and so much more.

(Can exchange ‘play’ with ‘pray’ in previous verse)

I use it every single day,
I’m learning all the time.
I know there is no safer place,
Than your hand holding mine.

This little hand will never be,
The size it was today.
It’s growing slowly ’round the clock,
To help me on my way.

Final verse

This print serves as a memory,
Through the years, the days, the nights.
Of a hand that meant “I love you Dad”
As it held your finger tight.


– H. Pender

We hope you all have a very special Father’s Day 2017.

Happy celebrating!

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