Cherry Blossom Festival 2017 | Auburn Botanic Gardens

Spring has sprung! Well, almost. But don’t tell the cherry blossoms it’s still winter because they are in full glorious bloom.

Paulina Stuart Photography

The Cherry Blossom Festival is a hive of colour and activity in the picturesque Auburn Botanic Gardens, and it is free for Cumberland Council residents and ALL kids under 16. We have covered some family friendly attractions for you at this great local location.

Year-round features

The gardens are a gorgeous play date location throughout the year, bursting with things to do for little ones. There’s the FREE boardwalk animal enclosure with wallabies, emus and even a wombat, an inclusive playground featuring several slides and ramps plus a separate Aussie animal themed ‘maze’ perfect for crawlers.

The grounds sprawl across more than 9 hectares and they have a range of beautiful features including several ponds, water features as well as stepping stones, waterfalls, short walking tracks, paved paths, a zen garden and plenty more. Wonderful for exploring with a mini in a stroller or an adventurous walker. If you have both be aware that the water is not fenced off in most areas.

Cherry Blossom Festival – what’s for the kids?

Apart from the stunning blossoms on display and the permanent attractions mentioned above, there are some great features of the festival to interest little ones.


With free entry for ‘Smash!’ anime show ticket holders and kimono wearers on the 21st, 23rd and 25th of August (between 9-5) there’s a good chance your kids will get to see some AMAZING custom cosplays. The opportunity isn’t confined to these days but they give you a better chance. Apart from beautiful kimonos and the possibility of seeing your childs’ favourite character, these costumes are often hand made from scratch and very, very cool to see in the flesh.

Origami workshops

Local artists run origami sessions from 11am-4pm daily during the festival, and you can be a part of the community display.

Special guest Adam Liaw

On Saturday the 19th and Sunday the 20th Masterchef Adam Liaw will be hosting Japansese food demonstrations at the “Love your leftovers” stage. Sustainability practices paired with Japanese flavours from a goodwill ambassador. Big tick from us!

Seniors day

Why not bring the Grandparents or Great-Grandparents along to seniors day! Experience a traditional Japanese tea ceremony between 11am-2pm on Thursday 24th of August or simply take advantage of the free entry for seniors on that day.


Food and drink

It’s important to note that vendors will only be selling a variety of Japanese cuisine during the two weekends of the festival (19th, 20th, 26th and 27th of August 2017) The weekdays will have a mobile coffee vendor on site but little else, and no food is to be brought into the gardens. Plan your lunch outside of your visit if possible or come on the weekends to experience the ‘Japanese Food Village’.

For more information on the Cherry Blossom Festival, including FAQ’s and transport details, you can visit Cumberland Councils site here.

Happy hanami! (Hanami is the Japanese term for viewing flowers. What a perfect activity!)


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