Top Ryde City | Play Areas

Top Ryde City has never shied away from its littlest patrons. Even prior to their shiny new renovation they provided innovative, creative spaces for children and families to explore. The opening of their play space design on level 1 has been eagerly anticipated. From fostering an engaging reading environment to challenging gross motor obstacles, Top Ryde City has delivered on expectations and continues to be a preferred destination for families.

Play opportunities

The level 1 play area is divided into 3 partially fenced semi-circle zones. The main structure stands on an astro-turfed zone and offers a variety of gross motor challenges.

This zone is suited to older children, as access to the upper level of the equipment is only via a black rope obstacle or rock climbing wall (pictured below)

As an early childhood teacher, I am thrilled to see a second zone dedicated to engaging young children in early literacy experiences. Comfy beanbags and pillows invite families to share a book together while a purpose built table with coloured pencils sits at the entrance. The far side contains 3 in-built activity screens. A child-height book display adorns the entire opposite wall.

The third zone is suited to younger children and construction play, with a tunnel and climbing structure that is perfect for peekaboo! Foam blocks and noodles encourage imaginations to roam and children were building cars, stairs and banquets galore.

Downstairs, in the outdoor Piazza, is a sweet jungle-themed turfed play and seating area. An in-ground fountain is brilliant for water play during the warmer months and a fun ‘show’ to watch in the chilly ones.

Ryde Library, located within the shopping complex, offers books, comfy areas and children’s resources to use or borrow. You can click the previous text link to view their kids event schedule.

Food and Drink

Top Ryde City is brimming with food and drink options. You can view their extensive list here.

Leaf Cafe is located directly in front of the play area on level 1 and the outdoor Piazza is a smorgasbord of dining choice. The dining variety within the centre is quite astonishing and many of the venues cater to family dining with kids specials and menu options.


It wasn’t just the play areas that enjoyed a reboot from the ground up. The level 1 parents room has been completely re-imagined and boast beautiful feeding rooms, change areas and functional spaces for a variety of families. The level 1 parent room is pictured, however, there are several other lovely parent facilities within the centre.

I especially appreciated the location of the small fenced play space being directly next to the child/parent toilet. Another fantastic detail is the multiple private feeding rooms, ensuring parents have a comfortable place to feed even during busy periods. This is especially encouraging for mums who may not be comfortable breastfeeding elsewhere.


Top Ryde City has consistently demonstrated a commitment to welcoming every family member, from youngest to oldest, in their logistics and use of space. I am especially thrilled by the inclusion of an inviting reading area in a shopping-centre based play design. So if you have some groceries or clothes shopping to do, we recommend you drive a little extra and make it a play-shop-eat extravaganza at Top Ryde City. Enjoy the wide concourses, oodles of food options and lovely play spaces.

Happy exploring!

Where is Top Ryde City?

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