How to wrap twins | Baby wearing demo: The LBO

Two babies, two hands. That works, right? Well, it does, if you’re not planning on doing anything else. At all. Ever. With a toddler booked in to no-stroller-zone activities and newborn twins, I needed an alternative. Pronto.

I trawled the web. Searched through baby wearing groups, YouTube videos and wrap blogs to find the easiest, most comfortable wrapping technique for twins. I borrowed slings, wraps and carriers giving them all a trial run in the various ways I had researched.

In the end, using a single size 7 woven wrap I found a comfortable, easy to learn and secure way to carry two babies with two hands free. Hopefully this will cut out all the research time for you, as I’ve gone through it already! So without further ado, here’s my favourite way to wrap twins (or two babies that are a similar size) The video is less than 5 minutes long and you can skip the first minute to cut straight to the wrapping.


– from newborn to 1+

– beginner friendly!

– roll up face washers and tuck into fold for head support

– great for tandem nursing once bubs have head control

– wrapping style keeps babies from ‘falling towards’ each other and moving out of place

– IMPORTANT: ensure you can always see bubs airways are clear and they are close enough to kiss

Apart from the obvious practical benefits, baby wearing has always been a lovely way for me to keep my little ones close to my heart in a long cuddle. Plus, when the bubs are cranky or  sick, they go straight into the wrap and are suddenly calmer, warmer and more likely to sleep.

A little bit of practice and you can do this in a couple of minutes, about the same amount of time it takes for me to unload our double pram and put the babies into it. If you’re not convinced, see if you can borrow a size 6 or 7 wrap from a friend to give it a try. It has been a fantastic tool for our family.

Would love to see your pics in the comments. Happy wrapping!

Wrap used: Size 7 Yaro woven “La Vita Autumn Rainbow” (purchased from The Sleep Store)

2 thoughts

    1. Thanks Leigh! You can use this technique with a moby for small babies but it does stretch out of position, especially as Bub gets heavier. Not ideal if you are out and about with wriggly bubbas.


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