Flip Out | Castle Hill

Mr LittleButOnce writes this post, as after birthing twins I tend to keep my feet planted firmly on the ground. – H 

There aren’t many places where a dad and his three year old can go and both have a tonne of fun at the same time, doing the same thing.  Enter; Flip Out. If our blurry photos are anything to go by, it’s non-stop jumping action from start to finish.

It all started in 2012 with dad, Brent Grundy, jaded and waiting for a kid’s party to finish. He noticed that half of the children were too big for the equipment while the parents and guardians sat there, bored and drained from the noise.

“I realised, everyone smiles at the word ‘trampoline,” he said at the time.

By Christmas that year Grundy had opened his first Flip Out at Penrith. Since then many more have opened, including one each at Liverpool, Blacktown and Castle Hill.

Play Area

We regularly take our daughter to Flip Out. She jumps, leaps and bounces for a full hour every time – and so do I.

At Flip Out Castle Hill there are more than 50 trampolines, all surrounded by squishy padding. The children’s trampolines are also at ground height to limit the fall hazard.

Think of the centre as a time machine which can return you to your backyard trampoline, except this time there’s enough room to fit all your friends and less fear of falling off.


The main arena, which includes wall tramps, is mostly used by older children and teenagers. But there is a large under 10’s trampolining arena with its own dedicated foam pit. Even the youngest jumper has somewhere to bomb into.

For those who once dreamt (or still dream) of playing in the NBA, there are two basketball hoops over hanging Olympic trampolines. You’ll get air that Lebron James could only dream of.

There is also trampoline dodge ball. Need I say more?

Party rooms are available for hire, as are lockers. There is an upstairs cafe with limited packaged food options and hot drinks which overlooks the trampoline area. The entry level has basic toilet facilities including a baby change table.

Castle Hill features

  • Dodgeball Court
  • 7 x Olympic Trampolines
  • Foam Pit
  • Main Arena (with more than 40 trampolines)
  • Under 10’s Arena with Under 10’s Foam Pit
  • Basketball Rings

Make sure you bring socks and plenty of water. Flip Out socks with grippy soles are available to buy for $3.50. You can find entry prices here.

DISCLAIMER: Trampolining is a physical activity which can be dangerous. Flip out requires all jumpers to sign a waiver and for parents or guardians to do so on behalf of their kids. Be careful not to double bounce little ones.

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